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CABAL Guide Blog: Cabal Drop Item list Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010. Cabal Drop Item list.2slots [in 1st slot: Flee Rate, Max Critical Rate, Sword Amp, Magic Amp] [ 2slots with hp or clean]Hard : Upgrade core Highest, Force Core Highest, Redosmium 1 slot /2slot, SIG Metal 1 slot/2slot crafted (Character Bound) Rumor : Can Drop... Cabal 2 slot item drop nedir | Best games on-line Slot & Poker ► Slots ► Cabal 2 slot item drop nedir.Sep 02, · The most Special drop is K-Board (Blue/Black) unbound item Red OS Weapon +1/2/3, Topaz +1/2/3 No Slot Rare drop: Cabal online monster Drop list.

Cabal Drop list. January 17th, 2010, 4:52 pm.Listed are only the important drops Since no one wants to know that a nipperlug can drop a battlehelm +5.Monster: - Shapes and Discs Level 2 (Easy to farm at Stone Golems) - Many Titanium 1 slot items at Stone Golems.

Cabal Ph Slot Extender High Drop - Cabal Ph Slot Extender High Drop! Cabal skill slots erweitern. Fox News host Sean Hannity's Twitter account was compromised and was unavailable for a few hours on Saturday, inspiring ..Amazon Best Sellers: Best Drop Slot Safes - PlayThisGame - CABAL II We would like to invite you to continue the adventure with us alongside the vibrant community of CABAL Online, which enjoys a dense population of players and receives regular ongoing new content updates. To keep up on all the latest developments at PlayThisGame, please visit our main site at Until we meet again!

To recruit a character, click "Guild Menu" at the bottom right hand corner of the Guild Tab, and a drop up bar will appear.

Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Update Review: Devil's Tower Daily limits on entering the dungeon: 2 daily; Drop Item Information. Devil Token (Highest) Item that can be purchased at Secubo Evil store; Drops from Devil’s Tower(Part.2) Legendary box at certain drop rate. Secubo Devil store. Located at Devil’s Tower entrance, Devil Merchant NPC Secubo Force Core - Cabal Online Revealed - Google Sites Alz Drop Amount is missing even in Patch Notes. You cannot get all options from Fixed Option Scrolls. There are no Fixed Option Scrolls for: 1 Slot Item Drop, 2 Slot Item Drop and Skill EXP (these are not available even in Auction House). Then Critical Rate (both Weapon and Armor) and Max. Item Drop List - Discussion on Item Drop List within the Cabal Online forum part of the MMORPGs category. ... [in 1st slot: Flee Rate, Max Critical Rate, Sword Amp, Magic Amp] [2slots ... Cabal: Ruina Station - lvl 75 - Solo - YouTube

20: Any pet with a lot of 2 slot item drop. Well that's the list of items I'm in search of, I don't expect all of the items or even most. If you have anything you see here and want FG shoot me an offer or PM for negotiation. I will also offer in game items for trade in conjunction with FG as well, I will list them below: 1: Critical Ring+2 x2

Hi about 2slot item drop - MN Cabal Online | Forum Your server rates is so cool, balanced :) But i have understand the 2slot item drop is no longer :( That's so bad btw. It would be amazing if wa can stay with 2slot item drop. It's usefull for the economy of this server. I farm all the time when i can with that rate. Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Monster Invasion & Bonus [Drop Lists]. *Archridium Chaos Boxes contain Archridium 2 slot items. Easter Bonus We are providing several bonuses during the last week of the Monster Invasion for a strong finish!April 6th - April 8th Skill EXP 50% Pet EXP 50% AXP 50% Drop Rate 50%. Enjoy, CABAL Support Staff.