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There's a Mandarin saying for Chinese New year nian nian you yu which, when written properly in Mandarin characters, means "Every year there will be abundance." Now, switch out the yu (余) for abundance with the yu (鱼) for fish and now you have "Every year there will be fish." What's the result? Chinese tables at Chinese New Year are laden with fish dishes, fish lanterns and other ... 年年有魚 – Nian Nian You Yu – Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon Jan 31, 2014 ... My favourite Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year greeting is Nian Nian You Yu - 年年有餘 - which means something like, 'may every year end ... Nian Nian You Yu 年年有鱼/余 | Chinese new year 2009 falls on 26t ... Jan 26, 2009 ... Chinese new year 2009 falls on 26th of January 2009, last for 15 days. Chinese New Year 2009 is the year of the Ox. Nian Nian You Yu is a ... nian nian you yu | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English ...

Happy chinese new year 2019, year of the pig, Nian Nian You Yu mean may you have a prosperous new year & xin nian kuai le mean Hap. Illustration about ...

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Lohei Yusheng. Eating Yu Sheng during Chinese New Year is a cultural activity for Chinese living in Malaysia, but not so much in other Chinese-populated countries such as Hong Kong, ... (pinyin: nian nian you yu; Jyutping: nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4), "abundance through the year". Nian Nian You Yu Slots - Packed with Charm, Cash ... All Across Asia. Nian Nian You Yu is certainly a unique game, but it doesn’t rank in a class unto itself. There is a small selection of titles out there that can rival it on both the theme and gameplay front. Looking at a specific game that can certainly give Nian Nian You Yu a run for its money, Sun Wukong is worth a mention.

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Limited Edition Ohm Beads Nian Nian You Yu Preview ... This Ohm Beads blog brings a complete preview of the upcoming and limited edition Ohm Beads Nian Nian You Yu, alongside the details of an Ohm Stuff event. The Chinese New Year falls on February the 16th and Ohm are celebrating the occasion not only with a limited edition charm but also an online even hosted by the team at Ohm Stuff . Nian Nian You Yu Slot - Free Play | Red Stag Casino. The Scatter will be shown as Chinese symbols, and they will be read as Nian Nian You Yu. As we already explained, that is a typical phrase of wishing abundance in the New Year period. The Scatter's wins will come for 2 to 5 of that symbols. With 5 Scatters, you will get 100x for your bet prize.